Biofeedback belt for your posture. Stop Slouching.

Instant Posture Improvement

PosturePulse is a small device you wear on your back which silently vibrates if you slouch for more than 7 seconds. Continuous feedback teaches you to sit straight.

Look great sitting tall

We all look better when we sit with great posture. Stand out from the slouching crowd and protect your back. PosturePulse's thin design keeps you sitting straight without anyone knowing you are wearing it.

Designed for desk jockeys everywhere.

Specifically tested for office workers who struggle to maintain good posture while sitting at their desks and using the computer. Problem solved.

Attach to your Chair

Don't want to wear a belt? No Problem. PosturePulse is designed to attach to any office chair with arm rests.

Extreme Simplicity

PosturePulse is specifically designed to help with your sitting posture and has only one button: on/off. There is no set up. Your PosturePulse is ready to go right out of the box. No synching, connecting, cell phones or other tomfoolery.

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Fits Everyone

With an adjustable belt, the posture pulse fits everyone.

Light and Comfortable

Weighs only as much as a few quarters. You'll soon forget you are wearing it at all.

Long Battery Life

It runs on an internal battery that lasts for about a week of regular usage and charges with a standard Mini USB charger.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

PosturePulse uses an accelerometer, the same kind of accurate chip used in gaming controllers. The device takes several measurements per second to determine the percise angle of your back. If your back isn't in the upright position for more than 7 seconds, it begins to vibrate gently until your back is upright again.
Just tap the button on top of PosturePulse. You can turn on and off your PosturePulse easily without adjusting your clothes if you need a break.

Watch a video on how to use posturepulse

Putting on the PosturePulse is easy, simply lift up your shirt, adjust the strap and put the sensor on the center of your lower back. You'll soon forget you are wearing it.

Loop PosturePulse's straps around the arms of your chair and tighten. PosturePulse will be suspended above your chair so that when you sit PosturePulse is on your lower back. After that, just turn on PosturePulse and you are good to go.

Watch a video on how to use posturepulse

No. Posturepulse is thin and isn't visible through your clothes. Wear your posturepulse in confidence.
Just plug your posture pulse into any standard microusb charger. It charges just like your cell phone.